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I've been playing instruments since my nan showed me my first chord on her piano, from that day I was hooked. 

I taught myself the guitar from 11 and never went anywhere without it, performing every chance I could. Since then I have hosted and performed in venues all over the country, I have played festivals and even been lucky enough to perform the main stage of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. 

Why perform at Weddings?


I have never had as much fun than dancing the night away at a wedding surrounded by people truly happy, especially my own! After I was asked to play for a friend walking down the isle and their first dance I was hooked... it was such an honour to be an integral part of their commitment to one another. From that day on I have provided music for friends, family and couples who that have chosen me to be such an important part of their celebrations.  

I could honestly talk all day but I will leave it there for now. Get in contact so we can talk some more

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